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Gonzaga Unveils Dynamic Web Site for News


We hope you enjoy the fresh look of the Gonzaga News Service’s new Web site and all of its stories and other dynamic content as you read the December issue of @GONZAGA.

Gonzaga’s marketing and communications office recently unveiled the new Gonzaga News Service Web site in an effort to make our news more visible, accessible, compelling and interactive. The site [http://news.gonzaga.edu/] was developed in response to a study conducted last summer by Peter Tormey, who started the Gonzaga News Service in 1992, identifying the most effective ways to gather, present and disseminate news about Gonzaga and its people.

The site aims to engage more of Gonzaga’s constituents through use of a blog platform to foster conversations about news, features and other content. The overhaul was led by Dave Sonntag, assistant vice president for marketing and communication, and Tormey, who directs the Gonzaga News Service.

The site was designed and implemented by Matt Gollnick, web designer, and is part of an evolution of Gonzaga News Service to leverage social media and create a more interactive news experience.

Other key features of the site include more video to help bring stories to life, rich multimedia content such as Podcasts of important lectures, news categories, quick links to your favorite social media sites, polls and more. Check back soon for scrolling headlines of Gonzaga news worldwide and other engaging features.

MarCom has sharply increased its use of video this past year, heeding research that identifies video as the most compelling and in-demand medium. Video will be used increasingly for news, feature stories and messages from Gonzaga leaders.

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