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GU Starts Advisory Council on Sustainability

Posted on February 6, 2009 in: Academics

From recycling and green buildings to research on “parasitic power” reduction and Third World windmill design, the Gonzaga University community has long been committed to responsible environmental stewardship. Deepening this commitment, Gonzaga this week officially recognized the Advisory Council on Stewardship and Sustainability (ACSS) as an advisory body to the president’s Cabinet.

Beginning as a small grassroots effort among Gonzaga faculty, staff and students, the group is responsible for shaping proposals that aim to reduce the University’s adverse impact on the environment, promote awareness of environmental issues on campus, and act as a hub for information concerning what has been done and what is planned to manage environmental impact and reduce waste on campus.

“In keeping with its Jesuit, Catholic and humanistic mission, Gonzaga University takes seriously its solemn responsibility to safeguard the integrity of our natural world for present and future generations and is committed to being a leader in responsible environmental stewardship,” noted Gonzaga President Rev. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J.

The Council is co-chaired by philosophy Associate Professor Brian Henning and psychology Assistant Professor Monica Bartlett. A new Web site has been developed to support and promote these efforts.

For more information, e-mail, or contact Henning at (509) 313-5885 or Bartlett at 313-3918.

Following are the faculty, staff and students who also are members of ACSS:

Julie Beckstead (biology) ;
Andrea Bertotti Metoyer (sociology) ;
Dan Bradley (philosophy) ;
Jillian Cadwell (civil engineering) ;
John Caputo (communication and leadership studies) ;
Seth Coleman (biology) ;
Gemma D’Ambruoso (chemistry) ;
Chris Frankovich (leadership studies) ;
Gail Hammer (family law/Domestic Violence Project) ;
Kevin Henrickson (business) ;
Jon Isacoff (political science/environmental studies) ;
Erica Johnson (economics) ;
Hugh Lefcort (biology) ;
Tod Marshall (English) ;
John Shea, S.J. (biology) ;
Brian Steverson (business) ;
Michael Treleaven (political science) ;
Anastasia Wendlinder (religious studies) ;
Michael Woods, S.J. (religious studies).

Jace Bylenga (Center for Community Action and Service Learning [CCASL], AmeriCorps)
Todd Dunfield (CCASL)
Tim Hatcher (plant services, grounds supervisor);
Steve Lunden (plant services, material support);
Allen Patty (director, undergraduate leadership program);
Ken Sammons (plant services, director);
Rozalyn Sippel (plant services, custodial);
Mike Tobin (physical plant, Staff Assembly representative);
Charles Wesley (manager, campus services — Sodexho).

Brittany Jarnot, (Gonzaga Student Body Association [GSBA]);
Gilbert Moreno (Gonzaga Environmental Organization, [GEO] president);
Kyle Van Dyke (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education [AASHE], GU Chapter);
Andrea Woods (GSBA, president);
Maggie Zaback (GEO, vice president).

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