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The Trouble with Mary

Posted on December 15, 2009 in: @Gonzaga, Academics, Events, Feature Stories, Students
Mary is a freshman from Kansas City, Mo.

Mary is a freshman from Kansas City, Mo.


By Mary Jantsch
Class of 2013

“Where is the Love?” – next.

“Buffalo Soldier” – next.

“All Falls Down” – yes. Shuffling through my iPod on a morning jog I saw this as a perfect running song, little did I realize how fitting this Kanye West/Syleena Johnson collaboration really was.

After about 2 miles I maneuvered my way to the corner of Sinto and Dakota. With Welch in sight, I was ready. I’d sprint the whole way home, perfect end to my workout.

Nope – I made it probably 10 feet. As my speed picked up I did an impression of Superman flying through the air, which turned into a really great impression of . . . well, a gnarly wipeout. Looking all over the ground I tried to find the culprit; maybe a huge crack in the cement, an unfortunately placed stick, rocks, anything? I like to think I’m somewhat coordinated, not too clumsy. I was wrong. This may have been the cleanest sidewalk I’ve seen in Spokane (thank you Take Back the Neighborhood).

As blood gushed from my knee I had no idea what to do other than pull out my iPhone, not to use the ‘what to do when you tear up your knee’ app but to take a picture to send to my parents, four sisters, brother-in-law and several friends. I still have it if there are any takers.

Now I had no other option. Pulling myself off the ground I grabbed a handful of leaves to wipe away the blood. Luckily the Health Center was nearby. To the residents of Sharp I apologize if there’s a trail of blood.

Limping into the Health Center, I took a seat along with several side glances of disgust as the blood continued to gush like a New York fire hydrant on a hot summer day.

It’s debatable whether my knee cap is even visible. About 60 percent of my friends say it is, 40 percent are not so sure. To the Gonzaga Health Center, however, I give 100 percent thanks for rescuing me from my clumsy and gory antics.

  1. KK
    Posted December 23, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    This girl’s blog is really cool!!!!!!!!!!