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Bulldog Debaters Rise to No. 8, No. 10 in National Rankings

Gonzaga University debaters (from left) Andrew Myers, Tim Harper, Alexis DiSanza, Josh Myhre, and Paul Kanellopoulos. Photo by Glen Frappier.

Some of the nationally ranked Gonzaga University debaters take a break from studying for final exams. They are (from left): Andrew Myers, Tim Harper, Alexis DiSanza, Josh Myhre, and Paul Kanellopoulos. Photo by Glen Frappier.

SPOKANE, Wash. – The highest-ranked Gonzaga University team is not on the basketball court these days, but competes in the sport of the mind: debate. Gonzaga’s debate team has moved  up to No. 8 in the nation in the latest coaches’ poll and No. 10 in the latest National Debate Tournament rankings.

“We are having a very strong year as reflected in the end-of-semester rankings,” said Coach Glen Frappier. Many of the differences between the two polls (below) are due to the fact that the NDT ranking is based on wins and doesn’t factor in the quality of competition. However, the coaches’ poll does take strength of schedule into account.

“Needless to say, we play a very strong schedule,” Frappier said.

The debaters are preparing for final exams next week before taking Christmas break. Their next debate is Jan. 3-5 at the University of Southern California. The Bulldogs’ last regular season tournament will be Feb. 4-8 against Kentucky. Then, it’s the district championships and the season-ending National Debate Tournament set for March 24-28.

Assisting in the coaching this season are Steve Pointer, Izak Dunn and Carly Wunderlich.

For more information, please contact debate Coach Glen Frappier at (509) 313-6663 or via e-mail.

Coaches Poll

1. Northwestern
2. Emory
3. Kansas
4. Harvard
5. U. California-Berkeley
6. Oklahoma
7. Michigan
8. Gonzaga
9. Georgetown
10. Georgia
11. Loyola
12. Towson
13. Wake Forest
14. Texas-Dallas
15. Georgia State
16. Vanderbilt
17. Kansas State
18. Trinity
19. Samford
20. Wyoming

NDT National Rankings
1. Emory
2. Northwestern
3. Kansas
4. Liberty
5. Harvard
6. Dartmouth
7. Binghamton
8. Texas
10. Gonzaga
11. U. California-Berkeley
12. Wayne State
13. Michigan
14. Oklahoma
15. Wake Forest
16. Baylor
17. University of Missouri-Kansas City
18. Cornell
19. Georgia
20. Towson

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