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New Web Site Highlights Gonzaga’s role in Spokane Community

Photo by Jennifer Raudebaugh.

President Thayne McCulloh will address the strong partnership between Spokane and Gonzaga at the Sept. 10 Greater Spokane Incorporated breakfast meeting, sponsored by Gonzaga. Photo by Jennifer Raudebaugh.

By Dale Goodwin

We all know Gonzaga would not be the same without Spokane’s revitalized downtown and beautiful river flowing by it. But did you know that Gonzaga students, staff and faculty contribute more than 100,000 hours of volunteer services to the community each year?

Gonzaga is fortunate that Fr. Joseph Cataldo, S.J. had the vision for a place of Jesuit-inspired higher learning on a small parcel of land along the Spokane River. Through all of these years, the people of the Spokane community have supported the University and its students, have grown with the institution and have trusted their children’s education to Gonzaga. The University is truly a reflection of the Spokane community. In turn, Spokane has been shaped by the social, cultural and economic impact of Gonzaga.

“Over the past year, I had the opportunity to visit with a variety of Gonzaga constituents – from Trustees to Regents, from Deans to staff, from Spokane’s mayor to our neighborhood friends.  Throughout these visits, I was struck by the degree to which Spokane and the Gonzaga community are intertwined in so many multifaceted ways.  However, I feel that Gonzaga can be more intentional in voicing its role within the community and its plans for future collaboration,” said Thayne McCulloh, president.

As a first step, Gonzaga recently published a booklet and Web site (www.gonzaga.edu/communityimpact) summarizing its long-term relationship with and involvement in the Spokane community. The Web site will be updated periodically with new information and stories representing the collaborative enterprise between Spokane and Gonzaga.

Please RSVP for the Greater Spokane Inc. breakfast meeting on Friday, Sept. 10, sponsored by Gonzaga, where Dr. McCulloh will provide greater context for Gonzaga’s relationship with Spokane and preview future collaboration.

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