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Gonzaga’s Bulldog Mascots through the Years

Posted on April 20, 2010 in: Academics

Georganna Shoemaker & Mike Cannon with Mascot Chesty, 1970

Text and photo courtesy of Gonzaga University Archives.

The main job for Gonzaga’s bulldog mascots has been to attend home sporting events. Gunner was loaned to the Zags for the year in 1965 to appear at basketball games. Salty, the next bulldog, supposedly distinguished himself in the 1966-67 school year by running onto the court and biting a referee’s pants. Salty died after that season. The 1970 bulldog was named for U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Chesty Puller, the most decorated man in Marines’ history. Unlike his namesake, however, Chesty was a coward. At a basketball game on Dec. 4, 1971, a referee made Chesty leave the game. Maybe he was the one Salty bit.

In 1982, dogs gave way to humans. Mike Griffin wore a cape as Captain Zag. The first Spike the bulldog costume was used in 1985 and student Lee Mauney (1985-88) wore the first one. Spike’s costume has evolved over the years and now he sports a basketball uniform.

After the success of the 1999 men’s basketball team, Gonzaga received Q, a real-live bulldog named for player Quentin Hall. While Q enjoys retirement, Spike attends various athletic and public events. All of Gonzaga’s mascots have symbolized Gonzaga’s characteristics and boosted spirit.

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