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If You Have a Gonzaga-related Question, Ask Spike!

Ask Spike

Count on Spike to answer all of your Gonzaga-related questions. Spike is your personal tour guide for Gonzaga's website. Soon, he will even be able to dish off answers to your questions via text. Photo by Jennifer Raudebaugh.

By Mary Jantsch (’13)

It’s true – Spike is more than a mascot. He’s an expert. Gonzaga officials have been training Spike over the summer to answer all of your Gonzaga-related questions and act as your own personal tour guide for Gonzaga’s website. Soon, he’ll even be able to dish off answers to your questions via text.

What scholarships are available at Gonzaga? When is Reunion Weekend? Where is the Foley Center? Ask Spike has been upgraded and improved to answer questions like these while guiding you to the correct page on Gonzaga’s website to learn more. Launched in 2004, Ask Spike is a cutting-edge, online avatar. Try Ask Spike now for your chance to win an Apple iPad™ by simply clicking the “Ask Spike” tab at the top of  Gonzaga’s website or look for the Spike graphic on key web pages.

Next IT is the software company brainchild behind Ask Spike. Next IT CEO Fred Brown is a Gonzaga alumnus and Trustee, and his company employs many Zags. Other companies using the Next IT software include Alaska Airlines, Continental Airlines, and the U.S. Army. However, Gonzaga will be the first organization to offer this technology via the text channel.

“We’re currently waiting for all mobile networks to come on board,” said Dave Sonntag, Gonzaga’s assistant vice president for marketing and communications. “Currently, Spike is available via text on the AT&T and Sprint mobile networks, so if you have one of those, text him at 699247 or ‘MYZAGS.’ ” Note that standard text charges will apply.

“Thanks to the generous partnership with Next IT, Gonzaga has this opportunity to offer the first-ever virtual agent available through text,” Sonntag added. “We do want to emphasize, though, that since this is cutting-edge technology, it is a learning effort that will require improvement as we go. We hope the entire Gonzaga community tries out Spike on the web and via text, then lets us know what they think by either e-mail or by clicking the ‘Train Me’ tab on the Ask Spike interface.”

Visit the following link to Launch Spike, learn more and try to win an Apple iPad™.

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