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Gonzaga University’s Comprehensive Leadership Program Receives $47,000 Murdock Trust Grant

Posted on December 15, 2011 in: Academics, Alumni, Events, Faculty & Staff, Faith, Service, Students

Murdock Trust also awards some financial aid to GU student interns for work that raises money to support the Chilena Basic School in Zambezi, Zambia.

SPOKANE, Wash. – The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust of Vancouver, Wash., has awarded Gonzaga University’s Comprehensive Leadership Program a $47,000 grant, the program’s third award from the Murdock Trust in the past five years. The Murdock Trust has awarded nearly $250,000 to Gonzaga’s student leadership initiatives in the past four years.

Murdock’s Vision and Call internship allows four Gonzaga seniors to work in campus leadership roles. Two students help the CLP plan and coordinate various events and programs and represent the CLP to the community at external events. Two other students help Gonzaga’s University Ministry with its many annual student retreats – among other duties.

Murdock Trust also awards some financial aid to Gonzaga student interns for Zambia Golda nonprofit campus organization led by GU students. The interns also take part in the CLP’s faculty-led study-abroad program in Zambia, Africa with the intent to return to Spokane and serve as student ambassadors for this sustainable development initiative.

A major responsibility for these interns is directing all operations for this student learning experience, including sales of Zambian honey, chitenge bags, aprons, and jewelry with all proceeds going directly back to the Chilena Basic School in Zambezi.

“We are very thankful for the support of the Murdock Trust and truly value the partnership Gonzaga has with them,” said Josh Armstrong, Ph.D., director of the Comprehensive Leadership Program. “Much of the learning that takes place with our student leaders happens because of the opportunities we can offer them through the financial contributions of the Trust, and we believe those students make everyone at Murdock proud to partner with us.”

Information about Zambia Gold is available online.

The M.J. Murdock Trust’s mission is to enrich the quality of life in the Pacific Northwest by providing grants to organizations that seek to strengthen the region’s education, cultural, and spiritual bases in creative and sustainable ways.  With the generous help of the trust, Gonzaga University and the Comprehensive Leadership Program are providing students with opportunities to fulfill this mission not just during their time at Gonzaga, but as they leave and live as members of a global community as well.

Established in 2002, the Comprehensive Leadership Program at Gonzaga is a three-year academic program designed to offer students curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities to develop knowledge and skills for leadership. For more information, please contact Josh Armstrong, at (509) 313- 6493 or via e-mail.

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