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Gonzaga Leadership Doctoral Program Presents Renowned Servant-Leader Nigerian Rev. Edeh Oct. 17

The lecture will be in the Teleconference Room at the Foley Center Library.

‘A Formidable Champion of African Affairs
and A Servant-Leader of Our Time’

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Gonzaga University Doctoral Program of Leadership Studies presents a free public lecture by its Visiting Scholar Rev. Emmanuel M. P. Edeh, a Nigerian professor, Catholic priest, and founder of Madonna University and Caritas University in Nigeria, at 6 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 17 in the Teleconference Room at the Foley Center Library.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with and learn from a significant global servant-leader,” said Shann Ferch, professor of leadership studies. “We are honored and grateful to have him here with us. Dr. Edeh will present a paper that shares his life stories and achievements.”

Madonna University, founded in 1999, is what Rev. Edeh calls “the first private university to take off in Nigeria” and is the country’s first Catholic university.  Caritas University is also a private, Catholic university in Nigeria and opened in 2005.

Born in 1947, in Akpugo, Enugu State, Nigeria, Father Edeh considered himself “a child of destiny” because he was born during an eclipse. Edeh says he “believes in possibilities” because it took his faithful mother 16 years of childless marriage to conceive, and she gave birth to him on an extraordinary day. Rev. Edeh’s life work has been focused on helping others.

In the late 1970 and early 1980s, he studied in the United States and earned a Ph.D. in metaphysics. Upon returning to Nigeria, he became a successful leader. In addition to the two universities he founded, Rev. Edeh has launched numerous foundations, a research institution and multiple other establishments – all to help improve the lives of others.

Author Peter Amah noted the following in his book “Superservant Leader” (2012), which chronicles Rev. Edeh’s servant-leadership:

“As the articulator of African Philosophy in the modern times, Emmanuel Edeh has proved himself as a formidable champion of African affairs and a servant-leader of our time,” Amah noted.



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