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Virtual Campus Dean Carey Launches Podcasts Featuring Interviews with Gonzaga Leaders

Posted on December 17, 2012 in: @Gonzaga, Academics, Alumni, Faculty & Staff, Feature Stories, Spotlight
Mike Carey

Mike Carey, dean of Gonzaga University’s Virtual Campus.

 ‘The Gonzaga Experience’

SPOKANE, Wash. – A photo of ancient, worn-out shoes hangs in the Tilford Center office where Mike Carey, dean of Gonzaga University’s Virtual Campus, leads the University’s efforts to engage with students worldwide. The photo is captioned: “The early Jesuits wore out their shoes reaching out to the people all over the world; now Gonzaga reaches out through the virtual campus.” Clearly embracing this role, Carey has launched a new series of weekly podcasts with Gonzaga leaders titled, “The Gonzaga Experience.”

Dean Carey’s recent wide-ranging interview with President Thayne McCulloh opened the online series. He recently completed interviews with Vice Presidents (Mission) Rev. Frank Case, S.J., and (Student Life) Sue Weitz, and plans more interviews this spring with other key Gonzaga leaders, including Academic Vice President Patricia O’Connell Killen.

The podcasts are informal conversations, approximately 15 minutes in length. “I ask them how they came to Gonzaga, what attracted them, what it is that they do here,” Carey said. “I want our distance students to get to know them on a personal level.”

The podcasts will share the traditions, people, mission and culture of Gonzaga and are targeted especially to the estimated 1,400 Gonzaga distant learners. Through the interviews, Carey aims to examine the intellectual, social and spiritual aspects of the Gonzaga experience.

“What I am hoping is that I can help our students who learn at a distance to feel more connected to the Gonzaga community,” Carey said. “And, by doing so, to better understand how the educational mission of Gonzaga goes beyond what you know to who you are, and even beyond that, to who you are for others.”

Carey also may record presentations by various campus speakers (with their permission) and break the presentations into two or three podcasts.

“I would love to bring a couple of faculty or administrators together to talk about some topic from the standpoint of the Gonzaga experience,” Carey said, adding he hopes the podcasts will be of interest to alumni and Spokane-based students as well as the students who experience Gonzaga by studying online.

Carey also plans to interview and produce podcasts with other key faculty and administrators, including: Professor Rose Mary Volbrecht, president of the Faculty Assembly, Rev. Steve Kuder, S.J., Superior of Gonzaga’s Jesuit Community, and Foley Center Library Dean Eileen Bell-Garrison.

“The Gonzaga Experience” podcasts may be found and subscribed to through the iTunes store directory. For more information and to view the podcasts on iTunes, visit the following link [http://www.gonzaga.edu/thegonzagaexperience].

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