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Engineering Professor Rhonda Young Honored for Innovation in Education

Posted on August 29, 2016 in: Engineering, Faculty & Staff, Spotlight, Students
Rhonda Young

Rhonda Young

SPOKANE, Wash. – Rhonda Young, associate professor of civil engineering in Gonzaga University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, was among four individuals to receive the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ Innovation in Education Award on Aug. 15 in Anaheim, California.

Young was honored for her seven years of continuous work as a member of the ITE’s University Transportation Curriculum Project, which seeks to enhance undergraduate transportation engineering education through relationships with professional organizations, program implementation and faculty outreach. Young and three others were recognized for improvements to teaching methods, curriculum development and a “community of practice” for educators.

Past recipients of the Innovation in Education Award include professors, the National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology at the University of Idaho and the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation at Rutgers University.

In 2012, the National Science Foundation awarded Young and collaborators funding for the Transportation Engineering Education Workshop. The workshop brought some 60 educators together to develop learning and conceptual assessment exercises.

Young, who joined Gonzaga last fall, earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Oregon State University and a master’s and doctorate in the discipline from the University of Washington. She began teaching in 2002 as an associate professor of civil engineering at University of Wyoming. Young also has 10 years of experience as a project engineer and manager for the state of Washington.

Young’s expertise involves the future of transportation systems, particularly envisioning and optimizing the interaction among different modes of transportation – including cars, trucks, bikes and pedestrians – with the natural environment.

For more information, please contact Professor Young at (509) 313-5754.

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