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2017 Zag Grads: Natalie Hoebing

Posted on May 1, 2017 in: Arts, commencement, Spotlight, Students

Natalie Hoebing. (Photo by Kayla Hondo)

Natalie Hoebing, from Scottsdale, Arizona, whose paintings and drawings have been featured in magazines and various locations in the Spokane area, will graduate with a degree in business administration, concentrations in finance and entrepreneurship, and an art minor.

Guided by her high school teacher, she fell in love with charcoal drawing. She was awarded the “Most Talented Artist” of her class upon graduating from Notre Dame Preparatory High School. While enrolled at Gonzaga, Professor Bob Gilmore greatly influenced her work and introduced her to the world of color.

“The most influential person in my life was Professor Gilmore. He was not only my favorite teacher at Gonzaga, but my mentor before he passed away (on Aug. 1, 2016),” she said. “Professor Gilmore helped refine my artistic techniques and guide me in my creative process.”

Hoebing has created many pieces for various charities in Spokane. In the summers of 2015 and 2016, she studied art and finance in Florence, Italy, and multiple cities in China. Also, she has interned under the founder of Beyond Pink, a nonprofit in Spokane dedicated to ensuring women have access to breast cancer screening.

Upon graduation, she plans to return to Scottsdale and continue her art. (Emma Winkelman contributed to this report. Read Winkelman’s story about her friend Natalie Hoebing.)

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