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Gonzaga Students, Alumnus Contribute Compositions to Spring Dance Concert

Posted on April 27, 2017 in: Arts, Events, Faculty & Staff, Music, Spotlight

The concert will include the reconstructed solo dance with silks, “Lily,” originally performed by pioneering U.S. artist Loie Fuller (1862-1928).

By Megan Carroll
Class of 2018

SPOKANE, Wash. — Gonzaga University’s Annual Spring Dance Concert, Thursday through Saturday (April 27-29) at the Magnuson Theatre in College Hall, includes for the first time dance works to musical compositions from an alumnus, master’s student and an undergraduate student.

Jeff Rosick (’08), who earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts from Gonzaga, composed the music for Dance Program Director Suzanne Ostersmith’s original piece, titled “Unfolding,” which represents the undergraduate experience. It was also performed at the 2017 American College Dance Association Conference.

Rosick scores films, acts, and composes music for companies including Pepsi, McDonald’s and American Airlines. In 2010, he landed a seven-episode role co-starring in the television series “Friday Night Lights.”

“Unfolding” depicts uncertainty, stress, expression and discoveries that ultimately unfold into a new awareness.

“When you get to college, it’s this whole new world and a whole new environment,” Rosick said. “I wanted to capture that freedom, and those overwhelming and excited feelings musically.”

Ostersmith’s Jazz II class will dance in the concert to a musical composition created by Casey Robert Adams, a student in Gonzaga’s Master of Organizational Leadership program whom Ostersmith taught in an interdisciplinary arts and leadership course.

“He takes every day sounds and manipulates them,” said Ostersmith said, an assistant professor of dance. “His songs are very mechanical and grinding.”

Adams’ work, titled “Entropy,” portrays a lack of order and gradual decline into disorder. The dancers are engaged in mundane tasks, but hear a disturbing sound. Once they become concerned, they work together to process their feelings and fight the force as a group.

Jazz II will also perform a group “Lily” dance inspired by interdisciplinary artist Loie Fuller’s solo dance with silks to music composed by Ian Loe, a rising senior with majors in music composition and broadcasting.  Ostersmith began working with Loe in the fall and describes him as present, punctual and adaptable.

Loe will continue working with Ostersmith and Brook Swanson, biology professor, the next academic year to explain biological and scientific concepts through music and movement.

“My composition will help explain how certain evolutionary traits in some creatures can be both beneficial and harmful,” Loe said.

For more information, contact Suzanne Ostersmith at (509) 313-6508 or Visit Cashnet to purchase tickets for the Annual Spring Dance Concert.

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